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3rd-Nov-2006 03:17 pm - Name change for Corrections Officers
Corrections Officers will be getting a title change to Corrections Police Officers, with their new name, they will be getting a gold stripe and an upside down triangle. Courses are beginning to develop for The CO's so that they can assist other law enforcement officers in traffic patrol and other areas. In my opinion, I think this may be a good thing to recignize our CO's as police officers. CO's have the same rights and because some CHOOSE not to carry their weaopons are looked down upon and given the sterotype of being lazy and not being as important as our Police Officers. Hopefully, this will change societys view on CO's.
Cumberland County Prosecutor Ronald J. Casella filed a motion sentence to obtain adult status for a 16-year old suspect in a Millville sexual assault case.

Casella said he wants the suspect tried as an adult because the maximum four-year sentence under juvenile statues is inadequate for the seriousness of the crime.

"The motion was filed because the crime is particularly egreious and violent, caused injury to the victim, and had the potential for grave and serious hard," he said.

In the assult last month, the suspect allededly entered an unsecure first-floor bedroom window and raped a 59-year-old F Street woman inside her apartment. Police were able to identify the suspect using a surveillance video recorded by a nearby business.

While Casella would not disclose specifics of the suspects prior juvenile record, he indicated the youth has been on probation. "The chances he has been given by Family Court have not resulted in a change of attitude by this individual, "he said.

If tried and convicted as an adult, the suspect could face 10-20 years in state prison.

Superior Cort Judge Richard Geiger will rule on Casella's motion, following oral arguments, during a closed hearing. No date has been set.
11th-Oct-2006 09:31 am - CJ Update
Long time, no entry, huh? Anyways, I dont use livejournal anymore Im into myspace now, but I did think about this page last night and thought I should keep it up to date. Im taking criminalistics this semester along with Administration of Justice. Criminalistics is so very interesting and I love going to class. There is this huge American Criminal Justice Association (Lamnda Alpha Epsilon)workshop in November. Its a three day trip in West Chester, PA. The theme is victimology and everyone will be staying at a Holiday Inn. They are having written exa,s. firearm competitions, crime scenes awards banquet, dinner and dance, and all kinds of other things.

Also the police exploreres event is supposed to be taking place on the 21st of this month...

* Theres a few crimes that have taken place in the near area. Consisting of rape. I guess on two different occasions a elderly woman in about their 70's were raped. Im thinking that it may be a gang related crime, considering its the same type situation and the first guy was placed in jail.

OH! And, I passed the civil service exam.
6th-May-2006 03:43 pm - Criminal Justice Majors
So yea, I attended the celebration for all criminal justice majors yesterday and recieved my membership oath and symbolism packet for the Lamnda Alpha Epsilon. I also received an award recignizing my acceptance, a pin, a window cling and a mebership card. Yea, I felt important, like maybe I will accomplish something in this world. On the 11th, which is our last day of class we have to do a presentation which will be watched by channels 3, 6, 10 and some others I believe. We will be discussing the different measures in which police should take in patroling the area of Bridgeton, New Jersey. Our group was assigned fight calls. Something I found interesting was that on many of the unfounded calls, there were approx 2 hours of time in between the time of arrival and time of leaving the site. We just may have a lazy eating donut department on our hands. who knows. Out of 130 fight calls, 29 were resolved, those that werent unfounded were closed. There were a few arrests, but it seems to me that the biggest problem is juvinile.
13th-Aug-2005 10:22 pm(no subject)
I guess there is a new Mary Kay Latourno story eh!? I was watching it on television this afternoon about Pamela Turner, a grade school teacher, whom had sex with a thirteen year old boy. Sounds like "dejia vu".. I am not sure of many details, only that she is or has recieved 8-9 months in jail and will be considered a sex offendor for 8 years.
3rd-Aug-2005 01:39 am - Anyone interested?
Well, I know I havent been updating, but no one has commented or added a post either!! I am starting to think this may just be a dead end community. You are either not interested or no one is reading. If you happen to see this entry please comment whether you are interested or not. Give me an idea of what I should do with this site. Thanks...
18th-Jul-2005 01:40 am - Who Am I?
Clue#1 My childhood hero was my cousin who was an ex-Green Beret and Vietnam vet. He remained my hero even after I saw him shoot and kill his wife for no reason.
Clue#2 I began taking drugs and smoking pot when I was 12 years old. I also ate candy habitually until it rotted my teeth and I had very bad breath.
Clue#3 I moved to California to get away from the drug and theft charges against me. Once in California I began breaking into houses to steal and liked to hang out inside the homes for awhile and look around.
Clue#4 The first person police know about me killing was Jennie Vincow, a 79-year-old woman who had nothing to steal so I got mad and stabbed her to death. Then I had sex with the corpse.
Clue#5 Between June and August in 1985, I had my biggest killing spree. I killed and raped 11 people of all sexes and ages plus raped my youngest victim ever - a six year old girl.
Clue#6 I liked scaring my victims by telling them I was a Satinist then I would kill the man, do what I wanted with the woman, then kill her. Once in awhile I'd leave her alive - because it made me feel powerful having the choice of her life or death under my control.
Clue#7 After killing the fiance of my last victim I decided to leave her alive. She spotted my car and called police, so I had to ditch it. The police found it parked in a lot and got my fingerprints. My identity and picture was plastered all over the news.
Clue#8 A woman recognized me in a liquor store and I ran out, but soon a mob was chasing behind me. When they caught me they beat and kicked me and I thought they were going to kill me.
Clue#9 When the police stopped the mob from beating me, I told them I was the Night Stalker, the name that the newspaper had dubed me months before.
Clue#10 I got the death penalty, but I also got my virgin wife, Doreen Lioy, one of the many groupies who wrote to me in prison. WHO AM I?

1.Mumia Abu-Jamal
2.Nathaniel Bar-Jonah
3.Arthur Gary Bishop
4.Ted Bundy
5.Rae Carruth
6.Jeffrey Dahmer
7.Colin Ferguson
8.Gary Gilmore
9.Elmer Wayne Henley
10.Ted Kaczynski
11.Lee Harvey Oswald
12.Richard Ramirez
13.Coral Eugene Watts
14.Wayne Williams


18th-Jul-2005 01:28 am - Identity Theft
Get this...My mother and grandmother were both notified by a loan company that they were put on a list of potential identity theft victims because of there careless efforts to keep their social security numbers annonymous. Could they sue for such a thing? No weirdness has happened to our bank accounts as of yet!

A few questions to ponder...

OKAY. Now that the Micheal Jackson hearing is over. What does everyone think of the verdict? Heh...

What are your feelings on Death Row? Do you believe that this should be capital punishment for all killers?
16th-Jul-2005 12:25 am - CRIME ALERT-Murder
Guillermo Peralta Castaneda is wanted for murder in Georigia. Also Martha L. Cano Patlan and her live in boyfriend Genero Espinoza Dorantes are wanted for murder of her four year old son!

Speaking of murder...Dis anyone hear the story of that women injecting her kid with feces? I am not sure of all the details...I actually heard of this through my aunt. I did not see the news on this. If anyone else has anymore on any of this...COMMENT!

If you have any information reguarding any criminal at anytime visit http://www.fbi.gov/contact/fo/fo.htm for a number to your local FBI Office Feild Devision!
15th-Jul-2005 07:13 pm - Join my community!
Hello!! I have created this community for all criminal justice majors or fans to come together and discuss CRIMINALS! How intriguing eh? Anyhow, if you are interested in becoming a member, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Anyone is welcome as long as I am notified before hand due to some whom just like to *#$! around if ya know what I mean. So if you are truly interested and or dedicated to doing so...get to steppin! If no one joins, I will be forced to delete this community! sooooo, hurry hurry! :P
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